Saturday, February 10, 2007

The hunt for an office goes on

Spent a couple of hours last week trying to get an office together. Just like buying a house there seems to be so many obstacles to overcome. The price for one thing. The shortage of suitable accommodation for another. I suppose its a bit like being a first time house buyer. You know what you want and where you would like to move to but if there's nothing in your price bracket then you lower your sights, and sites at the same time!! and when you do that you also feel that if its not what you really want why invest the time and money.

The vast majority of offices are only available 'To Let' and as previously mentioned they don't come cheap. Well not in and around the Glasgow area anyway. So I've started investigating investing in some property for myself. Use my pension, equity on my house, sell off some of the endownments, take out a commercial mortgage? The numbers are scary but at least you're not throwing money away each month to another investor in rent. It'll take a couple of months to get off the ground, maybe even more, so in the meantime I'm hoping to get a short term lease to see me through until the end of the Scottish Learning Festival project.
Saw a couple of places that might have suited the bill. The first was in Shawlands but that was just too big. The other is in St.Vincent Street, again a little too big, but I'm hoping Lucy from the agents will be able to do a deal with the landlord. If lucky that means I can get half of the available space for the short term period I'm after. Should hear about that next week.
Of course if there are any readers of this esteemed blog who know of someone who wants to sell some office space or offer a cheap letting deal until the end of September then you should know how to contact me.

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