Saturday, February 10, 2007

Back in the old groove

It feels like old times, well this time last year really. And each of the past six years for that matter.

The Scottish Learning Festival is starting to take shape with daily emails and calls from people and organisations either being invited or wanting to take part in the two day event. As ever that's been the easy part, the hard bit is to make sure the potential speakers give you all the information you need before the deadline date at the end of this month. Its sometimes even worse than getting paid by the clients!!

And then every day you remember another person or group you've still to contact!!!

So if I haven't contacted you yet and you meet all the criteria then give me a shout.

Fortunately the various teams are starting to get a bit more organised as we sort out who's doing what, whether it be the planning group or the daily working group and we're all working together to make sure it comes off in September.

All the more amazing given that Elaine is a couple of months pregnant (though she looks nothing like the cartoon you'll be glad to know!!). Just as well she's so organised that by the time she goes on maternity leave we'll have everything covered off.

Anyway, more details about keynote, spotlight and seminar speakers over the next couple of weeks, and all the other fringe activities of course, and if lucky we'll actually see you at the SECC in September.

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