Saturday, February 10, 2007

And this week's musical feast brings you....

Went to a couple of gigs this week. When I say went I mean we turned up at the venue on Monday night to see Thirteen Senses only to find that it had been cancelled, or should I say postponed, until Sunday 11 March. King Tut's was absolutely dead. Appears that everybody who had bought tickets had the sense, or thirteen of them if you don't mind the pun, to check the website to confirm they were playing.

Fortunately the week was saved by seeing the Guillemots at the Carling Academy. What were they like. I think it was best summed up by a couple of guys on the way out when they said that each song was radically different which made it different from what they expected. I thought it was great, despite some technical difficulties first with the double bass then the guitar. The acoustics at the Academy are shit as well but the band were able to overcome all these difficulties to put on a really great show, just a pity they didn't perform an encore. If you haven't bought or downloaded their recent album Through the Windowpane then you should, you won't be disappointed.

Had my weekly retail therapy session at Fopp this week (I see they took over most of the MusicZone Shops across the UK, apart from those in Scotland). Had heard a few tracks of the Get Cape War Cape Fly album on the radio and thought I'd buy the album to see how the rest of the tracks were. Not bad from the few listens I've had and would probably give it three and a half stars out of five with the hope it jumps to a four. Not much chance of going any higher I'm afraid.
Also bought the Hours debut album Narcissus Road.The cover is a skull with a couple of time pieces for eyes and there's the now obligatory Parental Advisory sticker. I'd heard the single and bought the album thinking/hoping it would be a bit like the Arctic Monkeys/The View/Little Man Tate, at least a bit upbeat and raunchy. Ooops. More Embrace I'm afraid. Not that that's an entirely bad thing but unlike Ronseal it doesn't do what it says on the tin!!
Maybe a three stars though again with a few more listens it might grow on me.


Anonymous said...

For those of us YOUNG ones who are in the 'Musical Loop' you are far to OLD to be listening to some of the stuff you are like Get Cape WEAR cape fly (please note the correct spelling).

Martin Jack said...

Ah good to see that ageism is alive and kicking. Pity nobody ever told that to John Peel.

And while I missed out an E in WEAR, minor typo I'm afraid, you just don't know when to use to and too.

Anyway, at the end of the day I like what I like and in 10 or 20 years time I hope that both of us are listening to what's happening then and not being held back just because we're a bit older than the usual audience profile for the particular artist.

Best of luck in your English exams!!