Sunday, February 04, 2007

Cheaper than Fopp. Its an ASDA disaster!!

Before I went to stock up with food the other day I spent a couple of minutes in the DVD/CD section of the local ASDA store. Nothing strange there I suppose but then I noticed the price on two newly released albums that would put CD-WOW and FOPP to shame.

Jamie T's Album panic prevention at a mere £7.97 had to be worth a listen to.

And just a few CDs along was Just Jack's Overtones at the same price.
Now the only reason I knew of them was through XFM Scotland and what I had heard was pretty good so they have now been duly added to the collection. Unfortunately, when I went to pay for them at the counter the not so young lady assistant asked if I was buying them for my kids!!! Hey come on. I might not have the wide musical ear of someone like John Peel but does that mean I have to stick to Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and Barclay James Harvest? Don't think so.

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