Sunday, January 21, 2007

How time flies

I've been that busy recently that I didn't even realise that it's been well over a week, nearly two since my last post. So here is a quick run through what's been happening since.

BETT 2007 was a great success, as you would expect when you get well over 25,000 people attending the UK's biggest educational ICT event. Is it Europe's biggest, the world's? I'll leave that to emap to fight over. Whatever way you look at it, it was a big, big show, with almost all the key players in the UK and beyond in attendance. I say almost all but not everybody was there and those who didn't make the trip this year, especially from Scotland were sorely missed by all who met me and asked where so and so was and when they would be coming down or why they weren't coming, etc. The biggest loss was the whisky tasting night the Learning and Teaching Scotland had traditionally hosted on Thursday evening. The number of people who were gutted about that was unbelievable!!

Working in the VIP Pillar Hall was a change for me and one that I thoroughly enjoyed, though there are areas where the lounge could improve and I'm sure emap will consider some of the comments I made in my reporting back to them.

I just managed to get back to Glasgow in time for Match of the Day on Saturday night despite the efforts of the weather and BA to keep me at Heathrow. Not that I've anything against London, but the thought of another night there didn't really appeal.

Tuesday saw me working with Steljes Ltd at Dunkeld House Hotel as they showcased their new technologies to a host of luminaries from across Scotland. Well OK maybe not luminaries but there were a whole host of ICT Advisors or Quality Improvement officers or whatever their job titles are who were present. Many were the usual suspects and I have dealt with them over the years first with SCET and then LT Scotland so it was very much like a home from home throughout the day. The setup Steljes provided was a lot more than I had anticipated with a false wall being built and two Interactive whiteboards being suspended from it. Needless to say Malcolm Stewart, one of the main Steljes people, was a bit reluctant to hang from any of the wall mounted projectors despite some good natured heckling from the audience. The event went without a hitch as far as I could see and with a bit of luck I might get some other work from the company in the future. There were also a couple of other leads which might bring in some work so all in all a richt' good day as they say.

And then the rest of the week was all but taken up with the Scottish Learning Festival, first contacting a whole load of senior people at the Scottish Executive to explain the process of developing and delivering the conference programme and then with a series of meetings at Learning and Teaching Scotland to update a number of people on where we are, where we should be and what's happening next. One of the meetings was with John Connell, who has now left to join CISCO - lucky for them that's all I can say. You can follow John's work across the world in a new blog he's created especially to make us all feel jealous!!

I'm also going to have to find the time to update the company website, somehow manage to pull my accounts together and begin the process of looking for some office space. You can read earlier posts as to why this is necessary for my mental well being.

So with all this work to be done there hasn't been much time for any play. Got some brownie points by taking my maw for wallpaper. What started off as a wee trip down to Newlands ended up with a tour of the north west of Glasgow in pursuit of the last four remaining rolls of the same batch of wallpaper!! Fortunately she's got a painter and decorator coming in to do the living room and hall but she feels I need to keep my hand in just in case this business goes pear shaped so she's got me painting her bedroom for her, just as soon as I can find the time. God bless her!!

Also managed to buy a couple of new albums, Tom Waits - Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards, The Long Blondes - Someone to drive you home and Gruff Rhys - Candylion. The Tom Waits album is brilliant, though Idare say he's not everybody's cup of tea. The Long Blondes is also good and they remind me of someone else though I can't put my finger on it - kinda like Blondie but I'm sure it's nearer someone else and I'm hoping Gruff Ryhs is a grower in the same way that Badly Drawn Boy was. The album has its moments but right now it's not one you would play over and over and over again.


Dek said...

It is interesting TDE managing director makes mention of his real suppressed talent that I used to witness often. The bold Jacky is a superb wallpaperer. I remember well how his little face would light up after he had pinged that blue-chalked plum-line on a featureless barren wall. But hey, after our master craftsman had completed the task, one had to admire the sheer quality of the job. This would be nothing short of outstanding. Only trouble was TDE managing director’s inability to choose a pleasing-to-the-eye wall covering which was smart and modern. I remember only too well his sleeping chamber in our Pollokshields flat. (Warning. If you are of a nervous disposition, do not read on). A paper of bright red and white vertical stripes of differing widths adorned one half of his room. Opposite, the same pattern, except in bright green and white. The effect: floating lines in the air and no corners to the room?! Sort of how I imagine being on LSD would be like, except without the LSD!!?? I must admit however, I always admired his planning, attention to detail and sheer perfectionism of his work. This is why TDE will succeed. And if it doesn’t, TDE managing director can always return to his decorating roots. But be warned, if he does and you employ him, for heaven sake don’t let him choose the paper!!

Martin Jack said...

I was just a misunderstood artist at heart.
Look at it this way I was unlikely to be troubled by any demons. Five minutes in the room would surely drive them out better than any exoricism.