Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Looking forward to a hectic week in London

Here I am down in Olympia, setting up for the BETT Show which begins tomorrow and runs through until Saturday. They're expecting in excess of 25000 people through the doors this week which is about as many as will see Partick Thistle at home all this season!!

Its been a bit manic as ever but working in the VIP area should be OK and not too stressful. Just hope the foreign contingent can understand my accent.

On another note my best man, Dek, only stays a couple of miles away. Maybe its a guy's thing, but we only seem to see each other about once a year. Met him on Friday with his three boys to see what he was up to and tell him a few stories about setting up on my own. As ever we left with promises to meet again soon, have a game of snooker and maybe sink a couple of pints. Anyway where is this story going..... sitting at the airport today waiting for the flight down to London and meandering my way through the Herald with its lead story about the alledged failure of the McCrone agreement for teachers. The chartered teacher system came in for a bit of criticism and who's ugly mug and words of wisdom was there to back the chartered teacher process, the bold Dek. And I thought he only went into teaching so he could have numerous holidays throughout the year!!


Dek said...

Think Different Events at long last posts quality blog in the form a most excellent example of visual stimuli!!! Good to see Scottish Executive have filled coffers and eased cash flow. Will this inspire somewhat alien concept of the first round? Mine’s is a pint of heavy by the way!!

Bet number ‘25000’ and ‘Partick Thistle’ supporters have never appeared in the same sentence ever before!! One has to question the accuracy of the decimal point!!

A final poser: To whom does the following famous saying most relate?

“Do not mock the poor snooker player, for it is he who will pot the balls?”

A) Think Different Events Chief Executive.
B) Dek
C) Neither of the above
D) Both of the above

Clue: Snooker; mince; and Jacky.

Martin Jack said...

First round, last round it's all the same to me. You ask for a pint and I end up paying.

The Jags would be averaging 2500 if only we could string a couple of results together. Just wait until we beat the might Deveronvale and progress to the Scottish Cup quarter finals then we'll fill the stadium out.

If memory serves me right, and maybe yours is failing in your old age, the last time you beat me at snooker Hurrricane Higgins was the world champion.