Thursday, January 25, 2007

Feeling like I've never left....

Over the past few weeks, and in the weeks to come, I've been in and out of the Learning and Teaching Scotland's offices working on the Scottish Learning Festival 2007.

A lot of the core team who worked on the event over the past five or six years have left during the last six months or so including myself. That leaves Elaine, Tracy, Moira, Jeremy and Jackie as the sole survivors, though as you can tell I've managed to come back as the dreaded 'consultant / contractor' to work on various aspects of the festival this year, especially the development of the conference programme.

I've even got my own hot desk, a temporary staff badge to get me in and out of the offices and I'm meeting so many people I was working with only a few months ago it really seems as if I've never left. The best bit of course is that I can come and go as I please, though some folk have been getting away with that for years!!!

It seems quite a few of the gang even pop in to read this blog so see what I've been getting up to. Just today I was ambushed in a conversation between Jan and Robin about how I had failed to keep up my daily musings on life on the outside. Robin's take was quite insightful. He reckoned I had a rotten lawyer who failed to keep me out of jail for my latest escapades. Robin, if only that were true!! So how often do you add to your blog? Do you eventually get fed up due to a lack of response, or does the novelty wear off and it gradually slips down the priority list? Others are obviously blogging furiously, John Connell, Ewan McIntosh and Derek Robertson to name but a few. Me? I'll keep you posted, if you excuse the pun.

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Ewan said...

For me, blogging is right up the priority list but it's a long-term affair. By putting effort in I have got a lot out, both in terms of professional development and being on the leading edge of my field, but also in terms of personal friendships. It's not hurt the wallet, indirectly, too because I don't think I would have had the work opportunities I have had without the blog.

It does make your business much more transparent, and makes it easier to see how we all fit together in this world :-)1