Saturday, December 09, 2006

Market forces could be the death of me yet

Still awaiting news on whether I've been successful with the two tenders I submitted a couple of weeks ago. Don't know whether to drop those procuring a wee email to see if there is any news. Could be there's some delay in the decision process in which case you look pushy by looking for answers when they're not ready, on the other hand I might not have won the tenders and they're waiting for contracts to be signed by those that did before informing the unsuccessful bidders.

In the meantime do I chase other business to fill in the gaps in the calendar when I need to be earning some money. Danger is you win the extra work and some or all of the work you've tendered for and find yourself overstretched, at least in the short term until you can get some people on board to help you.
I was trying to think how other one person businesses cope. If I had a shop I could maybe influence demand by lowering prices for a short period of time and get some footfall through the shop with the aim that the customers will return, even after the prices are raised again. Alternatively, I could get a fresh range of stock in to try and tempt new customers.

But when you're running a conference and events management company it seems a bit more difficult to tempt people to come to you. What would the slogan be. 'Roll up, roll up, conferences and events, two for a tenner.' or 'There you go sir. Buy one get, one free'.

Maybe like the guy here I could be selling ideas - 'Madam, I have 4 cabaret events this week, but they're going fast. Will I keep one aside for you? Hold on, I've another caller..'.
'Yes sir, I've still got that breakfast seminar free. Theatre style. For 50. No problem. See you Wednesday then'.
'So madam would like Monday's cabaret event. Would that be with or without voting technology?.....'

At the end of the day, the market I'm aiming to attract generally have an idea that they want to run an event to disseminate their latest initiative, project or whatever, but at a time in the project cycle that suits them, not necessarily one that suits me.

What with Christmas and the New Year celebarations coming up its unlikely that any new work will become available so I guess I'll just have to cross my fingers for what I've already got in people's in-trays and keep an eye open for any other opportunities.


Patricia K said...

Hi Jacky- I've really enjoyed reading your blog. I feel I know you better now than after.... aargh!! - oh no, how may years? must be almost six... all that time working in the same organisation. "Jack of all trades, master of none"- I remember you saying that when I first met you. Well, now you're master of at least one- or getting there anyway.
Take care..
PS: was Jacky spotting in the WE the other week when driving back from dropping kida at school - saw weel-groomed man in dark overcoat with briefcase heading for the bus? UG? Could it be?

Jacky said...

Cheers pal. Thought I was an open book as far as what people knew about me. What you see is what you get, though I'm sure some people didn't like what they saw or got!!! ;-)

dark overcoat? - possibly
briefcase? - possibly
bus? - possibly
West end? - possibly
well-groomed? - couldn't have been me then!