Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Good news on the tender front

Well, after a couple of weeks of waiting I finally received an email about this time yesterday confirming that I had been successful in one of my tender bids for a major conference in 2007.

Until the contract is signed I better not say too much about it but it was a bit of a relief to get most of the work I had bid for and at least I can start planning for next year with a bit more confidence.

Not quite the time to uncork the champagne but hopefully I'll get things done and dusted next week, just in time for Christmas.

I'm now concentrating on a couple of smaller projects over the coming weeks and even months.

Anybody who has been to BETT before will realise the scale of the event and I'm heading down there in January to work in the VIP area for emap education. Just a few days work but it's the start of a long journey with them as I've also been successful in winning the contract to organise the BETT and Education Show seminar programmes in 2008. That should certainly please an old friend of mine, Merlin John, who always came away from the Scottish Learning Festival wishing we could do a similar job for the English market in particular.

The other project on the go just now is the eLearning Alliance Scotland Awards and Annual Conference which I hope will be taking place in April 2007. I'll post further details about the event as I have them but I'm sure the event will be of interest to anybody involved in eLearning across Scotland both in the formal education sectors, the public services sector and the commercial sector.

Finally, I've been to a few intimate gigs in my time, well if you call King Tut's Wah Wah Hut intimate, but I was at a 'Living Room' gig in the west end on Saturday night, you know G12 and all that where the crowded room was filled by a mere 30 souls to listen to Lies Damned Lies.

Dot and Charlie are a couple of pals who invited us along, at a tenner a head of course. It was a pleasant way to spend a Saturday night and the Living Room Tour is coming to... well probably a living room near you if you want.

I wonder if Muse or the Bathers (so well known they don't even have a website!!) would consider doing a gig in my wee living room?


Shirley Grant said...

Great news Jacky...now when are you going to make it to Skye?

(Actually I'd wait to spring, it's been a wee bit damp recently)

Jacky said...

Ok pal. I'll come up around March/April maybe when there are some events taking place and I can see how they work.

Might be able to 'borrow' a few ideas that I can use in other events I'm involved with too.

If it's any consolation it's been a tad wet here too.