Friday, December 15, 2006

Quiet week on run up to Christmas

Its been a pretty quiet week and that's hardly surprising given that Christmas and New Year are just around the corner. I think more people are interested in their Christmas shopping than thinking and planning about events in the coming months.

Still awaiting a decision on one of the two tenders I submitted for work next year and it would be a really pleasant and early Christmas present if I was lucky enough to win that.

Also started a new blog, this time based on some of the work I'm doing at BETT 2007 next month.

Should I have developed a website, a blog, or maybe even a wiki? I don't know what would have been best but I think I know my way around this blog template so I decided to go with that.
Anyway content wise I'm starting off with the shortlisted BETT Award winners and hope to get some feedback from users of the, potentially, award winning resources. I suppose we should also be asking whether just because they're award winning are they the most appropriate resource right across the board given all the various contexts that teachers work under?
Hopefully you can read the posts their and maybe give your own views about BETT.


Ewan said...

Excellent idea, great initiative. I'll be blogging about your blog in the new year for my own readers. Nice one!

Martin Jack said...

Thanks Ewan.

If you've any ideas how to make the blog better for users let me know - remember I'm still a novice at this kind of thing.