Thursday, November 23, 2006

Where did the time go - again?

Just about two months into the new business and time has really flown by.

Thankfully there's probably been more ups than downs. The biggest down continues to be the lonlieness that comes about from working in your own house day in day out. You start to look forward to meetings, no matter how trivial, just to break up the day and get to talk to people.

On the upside the events so far have been quite successful and hopefully it augurs well for getting more work from the Scottish Executive. In fact I've just spent the best part of two to three days preparing a tender for them for an event next summer at the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. Forty pages of blood sweat and tears highlighting how we would do the event, how long the key tasks would take, what other companies and individuals we would bring into the bid, etc. and of course how much it would cost the Executive to take us on board as the main contractor.

The next couple of weeks will give an indication as to what exactly we will be doing next year. The tender above plus one sitting with Learning and Teaching Scotland would help make sure there's enough work in the education sector to concentrate on. If we're not successful in either of them then we'll just have to keep looking for some other work across the country.

Just a quick note to wish John Connell well in his new role with CISCO. I've worked with him for the past six years or so and in some ways if it wasn't for his early support when we were building up the Scottish Learning Festival then I wouldn't be here. Oh and he happens to be a decent guy as well which helped. Celtic supporter mind but everybody needs at least one thing which you can count against them!!

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John Connell said...

Cheers, Jacky - I'm looking forward to it all. I'll email you in response to your kind words from that direction. And don't you worry about the fact that you support a wee amateur team! Nobody thinks any the worse of you for that!