Thursday, November 16, 2006

A week's a long time in business

Seems like ages since I last posted on this blogsite, probably because I got into the good habit of trying to post something, however irrelevant each day.

What's happened since my last post? Well we've had another event at Ardoe House in Aberdeen which was moderately successful due to a clash with the local in service days. This meant those attending generally had to rush off back to school to work with their staff. Consequently the discussion element of the event was a bit loose. Still succcessful, but I think it gave us some points to consider for future events.

The Edinburgh event at the Hilton Airport was again a fairly small affair but from the feedback people seemed to enjoy the intamacy and ability to discuss some of the key educational issues with the minister and the officials.

And then I'be been engaged in pulling together a large tender for work at two conferences next year. Stressful or what? You know you can do the job but there's always that nagging doubt that the client wants to go down a different path from what you envisage or try another way of doing things.

I've been on the other end of this process, scoring people's tender proposals, and you sometimes feel like rolling a dice there's that little to choose between rival bids. Obviously price matters but then again there's the confidence factor in being able to get the job done, the creativity attached to the bid, etc. So for me this week has all been about trying to free up some time to concentrate on developing a proposal that is cost effective, creative and meets the key aims and objectives of the client. Come back here in a couple of weeks to see how I get on.

Ah well. Need to go now. Unfortunately my aunt died at the weekend and the funeral is tomorrow so I need to get 'ma maw' and a couple of relatives to the chapel tonight. And of course my other aunt and uncle are stying at my bit tonight so I've had to do a bit of tidying up. The bed needed changing anyway!!

More news and views and a lookback at this week's top album tomorrow - hopefully.

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