Thursday, November 23, 2006

Album of the week

Well if John Connell didn't think much of my last band of the week, the magnificent Muse, he's not going to have much of an opinion of this week's album of choice, the brilliant Darklands from Scotland's Jesus and Mary Chain. Just like Guinness, the Jesus and Mary Chain are an aquired taste and its hard to imagine that this album was first released nearly twenty years ago - no doubt next year we'll see the 20th Anniversary remixed special edition being released - yeuch.

The best track by a distance is April Skies, though Happy When It Rains runs it very close. If you haven't heard them before try out the 'greatest hits' album '21 Singles' which is a perfect, understated title for a compilation that nonchalantly illustrates just why the Jesus and Mary Chain are revered by post-punk partisans and are considered so influential.

If John gives me a clue where his music taste lies I'll try and pick out a record which will be more suited to him!!

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