Wednesday, November 08, 2006

No rest for the wicked

Well that's Wednesday almost out of the road. Half way through the week with the third and fourth of the Executive Breakfast series now completed. So far so good on that front although the event at Glasgow was probably a bit too busy, either that or we needed a bigger room. Get a bigger room and you don't get the intimacy that the Minsister wants so you just have to compromise.

However, Monday's event at the Western House Hotel in Ayr was a great success. If you ever have to organise an event in Ayrshire then I can really recommend this as a venue. Like all the venues so far, the staff were great but what set this apart was the building itself, the quality of the seminar room and bedrooms and the setting next to Ayr racecourse. Well worth a visit, and if you have a few bob you might want to stay in one of the main hotel bedrooms.Mind you I'm not sure if the Minister was that impressed because there was a wedding on at the hotel onthe Sunday evening and his room was right above the band who were giving it laldy for the wedding guests.

Another thing I've learnt over the past few weeks is that you have to give yourself some slack in any tender you develop for a company. It might lose you the odd job but at least it covers you for all the additional work that you didn't expect would be required to get the job done to specification. The Executive job has been a lot more intense than I first envisaged and meant that it's been hard to find time to look for other work once this series is finished and just to keep up to date with areas of business interest - even finding time to read the papers can sometimes be difficult.

On a lighter note, Muse were friggin' brilliant at the SECC last night. Just wished I could have been 19 again,jumping about like a maddy. There were a few young guys next to us obviosuly with a few libations down their throat giving it big licks throughout the concert and here we were in our very late forties trying not to look too out of place. Did we care? Not a jot. Roll on the Grim Northern Social in December, though hopefully some other gigs between now and then.

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