Friday, November 03, 2006

Another week over and so far so good

Well, another week over. Another event successfully completed, but with three events next week there's just never been a minute to rest - a bit like the guy in the picture. I know I'm losing a bit of hair like him but it's not me, honest!!
This week the taxman kindly invited me to consider filling in self assessment tax returns. Do I have a choice? Don't be so silly, but the paperwork isn't sitting near the top of the to-do-tray to I sense a few reminders coming my way in the months ahead.

As I've said before I've been taken aback a wee bit with the amount of paperwork that needs to be done even for just one series of events. I could really have done with an industrial strength photocopier as my we laser printer has been burning up the paper and ink like it was running out of fashion. Why didn't I use a photocopying company I hear you say? Well simply put there's been so many changes at the last minute I'd make their lives a misery by getting them to halt jobs half way through. At least this way it's only me that's miserable.

I've also been asked to tender for some work too, so that'll take up some of my time in the days ahead. Sometimes when you get so engrossed in one or two tasks you forget that you need to do some business development to make sure you've got work coming in during the next few months. Fortunately I was on this company's tender list but I think I'll need to see about getting on a few more between now and the end of the year.

Also got a call today from one of my old mates Craig who's over from Spain for a few weeks. Like me he's a keen, should that be mad, Thistle fan and can't believe we're top of the league, though that might change tomorrow when we play St.Johnstone. I've still got the mental scars from watching the drubbing they gave us earlier on in the season.

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Merlin said...

Oh dear. You mentioned the dreaded self assessment and my blood pressure went off the scale Jacky. I was fined £600 (or rather they stole it) because of my inabiity to deal with this. I was paye at the time and had no other income so I figured that no one would be mad enough to want more assessment after two sets of accountants had already looked at my wages - foolish me. If they had a shred of honesty and concern for their customers they would simply send you a form saying "According to our records you have earned blah and been taxed blah. Please tell us if you have earned any more that we might not be aware of." After all, that is what they are after. Instead we have another hated layer of bureacracy and it's no wonder your desk looks nearly as bad as mine (yes, we know it's you in the pic Jacky). Oh, and all the best with the new work.