Monday, October 02, 2006

Off and running

2 October 2006 and life has just taken a brand new turn. Generally I'd be in the office by this time and had a bit of banter with a few folk in and around the office, probably deleted fifty or so unwanted emails that had arrived over the weekend and looking forward to whatever challenges and opportunities were to become available during the week ahead.

But as your own man..... Well I've still got a list of things that I need to do the first of which was to resolve the email problem which thankfully seem to have achieved with another slice of bewildering techno speak. -

"No specific information is available to update this ticket with today, but please check periodically; if the nameservers have been changed from ns1/ to ns1/, the migration will have occurred.Please also note that your e-mail will automatically recommence on completion of the migration."

Well at least it appears I'm now back in the land of email - How did we survive before email came onto our radars? - If i remember we talked to people a lot more that's for sure.

Loads of work to be getting on with and hopefully through this blog you can share in the trials and tribulations of the company.

Remember yesterday's post about the online community aspect. Well I can now add Jim Buchan to the list of people who immediately stepped in to try and help me. You can catch Jim's own blog for a whole lot more.


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