Monday, October 23, 2006

Last minute panics!!

Not so much panics, more making sure I've got everything done before I set off to Dundee later today. Was hoping to go to the gym and get the car washed and tidied up inside but the time has just flown by this morning so they'll have to be put off for another day or two. Last minute changes to the delegate's discussion group lists had to be done, update the delegate list, a series of letters to some of the headteachers in Scottish Borders, signing off a couple of venue contracts, it all takes time and before I know it its almost lunchtime.
And the inevitable call from some mobile operator trying to get me to change my mobile contract. Guys, if you're listening out there in Mobile Call Centre Land, I'm not interested and neither are any of my family, neighbours or the old lady I bumped into in the Asda aisle yesterday. Talk about a pressure business, I hope they're a lot luckier with other people who feel the need to change every other month.

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