Wednesday, October 25, 2006

First hurdle safely dealt with

It's a great relief to announce that the first event organised by Think Different Events as an independent entity went off smoothly. Well I thought so anyway!!
Having put just about everything bar the kitchen sink into the back of the Golf with premonitions of "I'll maybe need that box of paper, they scissors, that stapler, they paper clips, that ruler, etc., etc.", together with all the paperwork, pop up stands and suits, Lucy my calm administrator, and myself headed north east to Dundee on Monday night to set up shop and wait until the punters, sorry esteemed headteachers, business leaders, Minister and his officials arrived to survey the venue, eat a hearty breakfast, listen to the Minister and join in a series of discussions on key topics affecting Scottish Education.
The Hilton Dundee staff were great, from the moment we arrived until we left nothing was too much bother for them. OK the heating, or lack of it, in the main room caused a bit of grief, but once we got an engineer in place to fix it then the problem was resolved.
Most of the nominated punters, sorry read that as esteemed...., arrived on time, took part in the discussions and left their evaluation sheets which seem to suggest that the event was an overwhelming success for the Minister and his team.
Was the wait finally worth it? Yeah of course it was. It wasn't a big event in the grand scheme of things but when it's your first and its for the Executive then you want to make sure you do it right. But like everything else it was a team effort with Lucy, Johnathan from Sound and Vision, Janis and the staff at the Hilton and the Executive team itself all contributing to the success of the morning.

Just another eight such sessions to go in Peebles, Ayr, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Aberdeen, Inverness and Cumbernauld. Not that the workload will ease but it makes life a whole lot easier knowing their are only a couple of small changes that need to be made to the setup to make things run smoothly.

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Marie said...

See you in Ayr and Dunblane!