Sunday, October 22, 2006

First event just around the corner

Week four and where are we?

Well this week sees the beginning of the Executive's breakfast series, kicking off the first of nine seminars in the Hilton Dundee.

It seems to have been really quick in coming around but now that it's almost here I just have to hope that all the planning, letters and telephone calls have been worth the effort.
A few last minute things to buy yesterday - a couple of storage boxes, new printer cartridge, four way extension cable, emergency supplies, etc. All the things you hope the venue has to hand but just in case they haven't....

As for the relaxation part of the weekend well.......

The mighty Thistle beat Airdrie United 2-1 thanks to Adam Strachan's winner and amazingly we're still joint top of the league. But hey it's Thistle so it won't last much longer!! Went to see the Departed last night in the West End. Great film but you would think some of the G12 crowd had never been to a gangster film before what with the gasps everytime someone suddenly got popped. Got up early to play golf at East Renfrewshire today. Turned out a great morning though the golf was pretty average, even although I won - sorry Alan!! But the good weekend came to a disappointing end when our own under 17s team got a bit of a going over.


Ewan McIntosh said...

Best of luck for the first breakfast! Let us know how it goes.

Jacky said...

Thanks pal. Much appreciated. I'm sure I'll learn a few lessons over the next 48 hours or so. Bound to get immediate feedback from the Executive's officials and those attending.

I should start something up which deals with evaluating business performance. Maybe call it Assessment is for Business, with some appropriate sub themes like Assessment for Business, Assessment as Business and Assessment of Business. bet you nobody has thought of that before!! - NOT