Saturday, October 21, 2006

The morning after the night before

Has anyone discovered the word which describes the infectious pull of writing on your blog? Here I am on a Saturday morning with a wee bit of a hangover, pretty tired and finding myself drawn to the computer to add more too this blog. Can't explain why but it seemed like a good idea once I had something to eat.

Right now I'm feeling a bit like The Cincinnati Kid. Went to the poker night last night in aid of the under 17's team with the hope that I didn't lose too much money. In the end it only cost me a five spot, the entry fee for the competition.
Decided to play safe at the beginning to see if I could get some sort of an idea how to play the game. Before long everybody around our table was hooked and even though most of us hadn't met each other before there was a good bit of craic going around. Next thing I know there are only two of us with any chips left , me and Neil. He should have won hands down but gradually, with a bit of luck on my side, I managed to claw all his chips away from him and found myself in the grand final.
The final lasted another 45 minutes or so as gradually one by one the six finalists were whittled down to just two, me and Johnnie. After a couple of hands pussy footing around we both decided to go for broke but unfortunately my pair of eights weren't good enough to win the pot and the £50 prize money. Ah well so much for a good night out tonight. I'll just have to win the lottery instead.
If you've never been to a poker night out I can really recommend it even if you're not a gambler at heart. The way this was organised means you can't lose much money, the club funds which we were supporting benefits and there's a reasonable prize on offer to keep everybody interested.

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Bronagh said...

Blogalolic is the word you are looking for. And yes I think you are showing all the symptoms. I feel the same way about gin and tonic.

If things get worse ie you start dreaming about your blog or worse you check your blog stats everyday you should get help.