Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's been a funny old week....

Sometimes you have weeks when you just think - 'yeah that was a good week. I'll have more of this please.' The beginning of the week saw me in the Optima with Learning and Teaching Scotland and a few meetings where we continued developing some of the ideas that will form the basis of the Scottish Learning Festival. The programme is starting to take a bit more shape, though as ever, some people just like to stretch the elastic a bit when it comes to meeting deadlines. No names mentioned but another raft of emails were duly sent with more than gentle reminders.

Later on in the week we had another productive meeting to discuss the eLearning Alliance Scotland Conference which takes place on 20 April. Anybody interested in elearning from across all sectors - education, local authority, health, business, etc. should consider coming along and joining the debate about how Scotland can take advantage of the tools and resources available.

Friday saw me heading across to Edinburgh to meet with Kenny Kinnear and Andrew Watt with a view to supporting the eLive event which runs annually for teachers mainly in Edinburgh and which this year will take place at Murrayfield on 22 and 23 May.

Also visited the Scottish Arts Council to have a brief chat with Joan Parr, this time to discuss how we can work together at the Scottish Learning Festival.

And then on Saturday I started moving stuff into the new office. Thankfully Bronagh and Laura decided they didn't mind giving up a few hours to lend their support - well taking boxes and the like from the cars up a couple of flights of stairs and park them ready for tomorrow. Still got a couple of car loads of material to take down with me but hopefully by the end of the week I'll have transferred almost all I need to the new place. Get the furniture in place, the systems setup and by this time next week we should be all systems go.

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