Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The next step

Finally managed to get my hands on the keys to the new office. Not sure whether it was a matter of the cheque finally clearing or the letting staff finally getting fed up with my early morning calls to see when I could come down to the office and take them. So the new headquarters is now

Office Suite 35
Strathclyde Business Centre
120 Carstairs Street

G40 4JD

Telephone number(s) to follow.

So they keys to the office led me around the corner to the Office Furniture Centre to get the desks, chairs and tables I need to make it look like I'm making a serious attempt at this business. Another costly expense to chalk up as start-up costs. And then a trip to Comet for a kettle, table top fridge and a small microwave. Finally to the local Somerfield to buy in some tea, coffee and biscuits. Forgot to get sugar and sweetners but no doubt that will come to, and I don't even drink any of that stuff!!

On the work front, the eLearning Alliance Scotland
conference is finally coming together as is the Scottish Learning Festival programme though with over 150 sessions to cater for its just a bit more complex.

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