Friday, March 30, 2007

Another musical interlude

The only film I can think of which has an actual Musical Interlude as part of the main film is 'The Battle of The Bulge' starring Robert Shaw, Hendry Fonda, Robert Ryan, Charles Bronson and the usual assortment of C-list extras. When the young panzer commanders start singing you almost want them to win!!!

Anyway, over past couple of weeks I've been listening to and watching a couple of good singer songwriters and bands.

First up were the 13 Senses at the re-scheduled King Tut's gig. Their new album must be about due to hit the streets if it hasn't already and if you like easy listening rock music a la Coldplay, Embrace and Aqualung you'd like this. They had a quirky support act which for the life of me I can't remember their name but they were OK too though I wasn't rushing out to buy any of their material.

And then on Sunday past I went to see the Dykeenes support Get Cape Wear Cape Fly. The Dykeenies were immense and look set to break into the mainstream fairly shortly, while get Cape Wear Cape Fly is trying really hard to be the Billy Bragg for the new generation. Is that a bad thing? Nope it isn't. Great songs, a really strong voice and a bit of political baiting into the bargain.

If the 13 Senses gig was 6 out of 10 then the Dykeenies and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly was a definite 8.

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