Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Think Different Radio

As regular readers may have gathered, I kind of like my music. It's probably not to everybody's taste, right now I've got the Cocteau Twins Blue Bell Knoll playing.

Unfortunately, I'm one of those music wannabees, I wannabee a singer but anybody who's heard me knows that I can't put two notes together. If I ever got on stage and the keyboard player asked me what key I would be singing in, I'd tell him just to shuffle the keys in the hope that we got in tune at least once during the song.

I wannabee a guitar player, and even though I got a great electric guitar for my fortieth birthday sometime in the last century, I can't put two notes together.

I therefore wannabee a DJ. And here's the thing, I think I've got an idea what I'd like to do, I just don't know how technically, or maybe even legally, possible it is.

What I'd really like to do is create my own internet radio station which plays a fairly eclectic list of acts. From Fats Domino to the View via the Kinks, Pink Floyd, the Clash, the Stone Roses, Oasis, Groove Armada, Massive Attack, Nick Cave and of course the Bathers to name but a few. Each week I'd send out to potential advertisers what the following week's tracks are going to be and they can, for a small consideration of course, tag their advert to an individual track. e.g. If I decided to play Bloc Party's The Prayer from A Weekend in the City album, a tour operator might have its latest city breaks advert showing during the duration of the track. And before Fiona gets in on the act I'm sure she would want a Headache tablet advert associated with any bathers tracks.

Once the track ended and the next played a new advert would appear. Say 100 tracks per week, average length of track 4 minutes each. 10080 minutes in a week, so each track, and advert, would play about 25 times. No interuptions from the radio station's 'sponsors'. No two minute interludes while we listen to public broadcast announcements about healthy living, etc. Just non-stop music and no Dominik Diamond trying to massage his already inflated ego.

So if anybody can help me out or point me in the direction of someone else doing something similar let me know. I wannabee.


Ewan said...

You might just find that ad revenue on that basis is not enough to cover the cost of your licence:

Commercial radio is a cut-throat world where the biggest players have trouble maintaining adequate ads sales as listeners flock to on-demand radio and podcasts.

If the maths works out, though, then you'd be onto a first, I think.

Joe said...


Check out
Paul Kubie old Glasgow Pal does this in his spare time from his flat in Paris - can't comment on his taste of music - but you want underground streaming radio station - Paul and his pals can help.
All the best