Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Time Management

I haven't made any resolutions for this year. But I should probably have made one about better time management. Here I am, coming up to eight o'clock on a Wednesday night and still firing off emails here, there and everywhere. Will the recipients jump up and down when they receive it tomorrow morning?, maybe not even until next week if they're still on holiday, I doubt it. So why bother?

Because the wee guilty devil is on my right shoulder telling me that if I had bothered to do some of the work a few weeks back there wouldn't be the same rush to complete the task now. So just get on and finish it!
Anyway, I've been busy on the BETT blog over the past week or so, trying to give people an opportunity to comment on their various experiences of the event. I'm pretty sure I could structure it better, and maybe some of the blog whizzes can give me some tips, because it's just got so huge, it'll be hard for visitors to the blog to follow the train of discussions. Can 'Comments' be highlighted in some way? Can the most commonly accessed posts be put to the head of the blog? Don't know the answer but I hope someone out there does.
2007 is the Make year. Notice I didn't put the Break in - that's next year, or never I hope.
Objective number one is to work with at least 10 clients throughout the year on various projects. Already have work for three clients in the coming weeks or months and a site visit to Dunkeld on Friday will hopefully make the organisation of one of them fairly straight forward. With a bit of luck I might get some more work down in London next week with a few other clients and it won't be for the lack of trying.
Next objective - to move into some kind of office environment as I've decided that home working may be OK or some but it ain't for me, certainly not on a full time basis anyway. It'll possibly mean taking someone on to help with the admin and other aspects of events but if I can get the client structure in place then that should be a worthwhile investment in itself.
I'm sure there are a host of other objectives but hey ho I'll post them as I come across them.

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