Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nothing better to do on a Saturday so.....

With the Thistle game cancelled due to the fact that we couldn't raise a team, some might argue that's been happening for the past three years since Lambie retired, I've found myself upstairs working on the BETT 2007 blog.
Started off with the BETT Awards shortlist and have progressed to the seminar programme. Hopefully by the time I head down to London I'll have been able to post quite a few bits and pieces about the event. If you're going down to the show and see something that might be unique or relevant post a comment to let other know.

I've already had a few comments from people across the UK which just goes to show I'm not the only sad beggar at this time of the year, or should I say that I'm just part of the professional community of educators who are dedicated to improving the chances of those in their care.

Either way the work has to be done so might as well chip away at it when I'm not doing much else.

On a personal note the concert last night was great. The Grim Northern Social, I think its a great name but others don't - any opinions? - treated us to a mixture of material from their debut album and tracks from their hopefully to be released second album though they don't seem to have a record deal.
They even finished the night with a one song encore - New Rage Hope Song which, if you read the previous post, was my favourite track of their debut album.
The new single Connected, is released in February so with a bit of luck they'll get some decent exposure and maybe the record deal they deserve.

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