Thursday, December 21, 2006

Festive period slowdown

Depending on your point of view the festive period is
  • a great time to go out and get blootered for a fortnight
  • enjoy the break from work and put your feet up watching a selction of the good the bad and the ugly on TV (although The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, is one of my favourite films)
  • spend spend spend on the sales

  • revisit your youth by playing with all the toys and games that the kids got

  • or disappear for a week to some exotic place with a bit of sun on your back (unless of course your flying out of Heathrow these past couple of days)
And so as I look forward to my first 'holiday' as a self employed entrepreaneur I'm starting to think that maybe it would help if we didn't all switch off for our holidays at the same time. There's things I'd like to do over the next couple of weeks to get one or two projects up and running but I can't because people don't expect, or welcome, a business call at this time and who can blame them.

No doubt some people who read this, hopefully multiple readership isn't an exageration, will be thinking 'for goodness sake enjoy the break like the rest of us'. But I can't, I probably won't, and by the time the 8 January comes around and most people I deal with are back at work, I'll be climbing up the walls waiting for answers from people so that I can get on with my own work.

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