Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Another new partnership to build on.

If you've been reading some of the previous posts then you'll have gathered that being stuck in the house day in day out was driving me around the bend. Some people who know me may be surprised that it took me so long to figure out what they had thought about me for years but I'll save that for future rants.

Anyway, Tuesday is nearly over and its been a really good day. Had a call late yesterday afternoon from an old contact to see if I could organise a product launch for her at Gleneagles Hotel. Unfortunately it's being refurbished, well that was the excuse given, and we've settled on the Hilton Dunkeld House hotel. All Anne has to do now is get the go ahead from her financial director and we'll be heading into Perthshire in the middle of January for the Scottish launch of a new educational product. Once it's confirmed I'll post some more details about the event.

Also spent the afternoon back at LT Scotland at the first meeting with the various parties who will take forward the organisation of next year's Scottish Learning Festival. I'll be working with Elaine from LT Scotland and people from Meeting Makers who are going to support the logistical organisation of the event. Their key contact today was their joint managing director (maybe I need to get myself a title like that) Graham Samson and we seemed to hit it off so hopefully, together, we'll put on another successful festival in September.

The beauty about going back to LT Scotland today was that I hadn't been around for a few weeks and with Christmas and all the holidays coming up there was a chance to meet up with old pals to see what they were upto. A couple even said they kept up to date with the blog so thanks to Tracy, Jackie and Heidi - there's the mention I promised!!!
Anyway, even although its late on there's naff on on the telly so I'm going to do a bit more work on the BETT blog.

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