Thursday, October 19, 2006

What was I thinking about

Not long back from an evening of sporting endeavour. I would like to say it was enjoyable but that would be taking things a little too far. The evening started with a game of five-a-sides with a group of guys from Learning and Teaching Scotland and a few ex-convicts like myself and Vinnie Collins. Reasonable game, pretty even throughout but ended up on the losing side. Soaking wet as well, more from the rain than sweat it has to be said.

Anyway that game over I'm heading for the changing rooms for a shower when a bunch of other guys ask if I'll play with them as they're a man short. "Sorry lads. Coaching in a wee while can't help out." But then I get to the main door of the pavillion, look in at the time and have second thoughts. "Aye OK, if you're struggling I'll play." "Gaun yerself big man, cheers", came the reply and I was in. The first person I shake hands with is none other than Brendan Graham. I was playing football with his dad almost twenty five years ago when Brendan wasn't even at school. So there I was nine young lads tearing all over the place and me just trying to catch my breath. After this second hour of what can only be termed torture I stumbled into the car and lay back exhausted, knowing that I had another 90n minutes of football training to get through.

I'll spare you the details, but right now I'm sore in places I didn't know even existed on my body. What I could really do with just now is a back massage.

What was I thinking about. I was born in 1958, you can do the maths yourself, what made me try and run the legs off not only the guys at LT Scotland but then some bunch of mid twenty somethings followed by an under 17 team. I should be locked up.
Anyway its fair to say I'll sleep well tonight knowing that if I can walk tomorrow I'll count that as a blessing.

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