Thursday, October 19, 2006

Just an ordinary day

That well known song Perfect Day by Lou Reed suggests a day that you can only dream of when you're at work. My Ordinary Day involved updating the database, creating an evaluation form, a conference call, a trip out to the Post Office to post a couple of letters, (Emphasis on couple here, though I left the Post Office £13 lighter. Let's not go there for the minute though.) setting up a couple of meetings and reading through a list of emails that I need to get on top of. Is life getting any easier as the end of the third week approaches? Nope afraid not. However, for a bit of relaxation I'm just off for a game of five a sides to be swiftly followed by a training session with the under 17's. That should take care of a few excess pounds. If I don't add anymore gibberish for the next couple of days you'll understand why.

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