Sunday, October 08, 2006

Review of the first week

I suppose the question I should be asking is - Do I think it was the right decision to go out on my own? It would be great to respond with a resounding you bet it was but the reality has been a bit of an eye opener. Not to say that I'm disappointed or down in any way, it's just the amount of work that needs to be covered to make sure you're doing what needs to be done for all the work you're meant to be doing, and at the same time making time available to look for work in the future. And then there's a life to be getting on with too - eating, shopping, keeping the house tidy.....and watching Scotland beat the French at football. More of this on the next post.

The first week was hard with a few late nights and early mornings making sure I got all the work completed for the Scottish Executive's series of education breakfasts. In addition I'm trying to keep a few other plates spinning at the same time hoping that none of them will fall off because I neglected them.

I've still to update my accounts with all the expenses from the last few months with no corresponding income to date and I want to make sure I can keep the blog and the Think Different Events website current to make sure people have a reason to keep coming back to it.

Next week - well its back on the road with a few site visits across the country, a couple of update meetings and the dreaded six monthly visit to the dentist. And the Golf car wouldn't start in the Executive's car park on Friday, almost had to get the AA out, but after a bit of Basil Fawltyesque bashing the bonnet I finally managed to get it started so it's going into the garage on Thursday too to see what's up.


Ewan McIntosh said...

I admire anyone who leaves the comfort zone of regular income for the risk of making more / finding life more interesting than it was / being one's own boss. I think you're messages and the clear care you take in researching venues, making things a success, the late and early days - all of it - will make your business worth it in the end.

That said, I've still got my expenses to do, too ;-)

Bronagh Bell said...

Ewan is right, the hard work and attention to detail will pay dividends in the long run. The first week will have been the hardest just like the first million. But you can do it!

I'm just starting week 6 in the new job - maybe I should start a blog too about my ups and downs. It has been a good five weeks so far but the enormity of the challenge stares me in the face every day as I look at the bottom line on the daily finance spreadsheet coupled with knowing that I've got to break-even this financial year and also increase the percentage of business from the NHS and Public sector to justify our future as a public asset.

Still don't even have our own website although have just employed a developer to rectify this situation. All I've got just now is an electronic brochure

I want to develop the conference centre so that it meets all the requirements of the public sector. Location is not on my side so I plan to develop other USP's that overcome the perceived location issue. Technology is one of the big ones and I would love to hear ideas etc from any of your blog visitors or former collegues and old pals. Contact me on

Take care