Sunday, October 15, 2006

Final job of the week

Only one more task to complete before the weekend is out and it's for the Scottish Executive - writing to the last of the nominees for the Education Breakfast series. There's only 40 to write but it seems to have taken me an eternity - keying in details to the database, exporting relevant information to a csv file, lining up the approved text within Think Different Events' headed notepaper, mail merging the text with the nominee's data and then finally printing off the letters and labels. And then, for good measure, putting them into envelopes and adding the first class stamp so that they can be posted tomorrow morning. Skoosh case. Oh the joys of working on your own eh!!

As for the relaxation this weekend, I lost at the golf and the under 17's

football team got beat 3-0. Ah well there's always next week.

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