Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Attention to detail

It's always the little things that seem to take up so much of your time. To make sure you get things right you have to pay particular attention to the small details otherwise the so called 'big project' is likely to go off the rails. Today its been about looking at all the responses received to date for the series of educational seminars that the Scottish Executive is hosting. Chasing up a couple of Local Authorities to see if their nomination list is likely to arrive, updating the database on the choices being made by delegates for the discussions they will take part in and making sure that the food, mid morning break refreshments, car-parking, accommodation and all the other elements at the venues are in place. And this is just for one event. I'm also working on four other conferences, though they're all at different points in the project cycle.

And just as an aside, there's the little matter of Scotland playing the Ukraine in Kiev in about half an hour. Come on ye Scots.

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Jacky said...

Ok we were beaten, well beaten at that. Outplayed and outfought and the luck we carried on Saturday didn't spill over to last night's game.

But what about that bloody ref? I've been a player and coach now for over forty years and you know there are very, very, very few of them who are even half decent at their job. 'Oh look at me mum I'm on the telly, can't miss me I'm all in red.' Aye and that's his face included.

Just can't make out if the red face is down to embarassment because of their decision making or the fact they can't keep up with the pace of the game and blow the whistle just to give themselves a wee breather.