Friday, September 29, 2006

Last Day with Learning and Teaching Scotland

A horde of delegates await further pronouncements on the imminent departure of Jacky and David.

Just a few more hours to go and then, after almost 24 years, I'll be leaving Learning and Teaching Scotland to earn a living on my own.

The last 24 hours have been a bit hectic especially since I found that my 'new' email system had somehow crashed meaning no email in and no email out. The last thing I needed on the eve of starting up on my own. If anybody out there tried to get through during this time then sorry, but you weren't being ignored.
It really makes you appreciate having a system support team in-house to fix all those system problems as and when they arise. Just hope that I don't have too many problems in the future.

The leaving 'do' is due to begin at three in here with me and David both being honoured or dishonoured depending on your view with a range of stories of our times here and there. Then it’s off to drown our sorrows with a few wee Sherries and await the inevitable hangover that will be awaiting tomorrow. I've tried to personally thank as many people as I could with various emails a few weeks ago but there are a couple worth a more public vote of thanks including Willie Coffey, hopefully a soon to be MSP, from my development days - Ian Graham, Mike Thomas, Graham Wilson, Paul Kennedy, Ralph Andrew and Iain Fyfe. The Technology Centre would never have been the same without Diane Izatt and Fiona Andrew. And SETT - The Scottish Learning Festival is a whole team effort with this year special mention to Bronagh Bell, Jackie Ferguson, David Boag, Moira Taylor, Heidi Idle, Ailie Pollock, Jeremy Stevenson and last but by no means least Elaine Docherty and Tracy Reilly.

Without them and hundreds if not thousands like them the last 24 years or so would have been really dull.

Just putting the final touches to some of the work that had to be completed post the festival and then hopefully some time to relax, well at least for a day or two.

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