Friday, January 26, 2007

What price an office?

Started looking for office space this week. Nothing serious, just enquiries, and visited three office spaces that were up for let as well? For those of you who know Glasgow one was in Ibrox and the other two were around the Charing Cross area.

OK lets start with Ibrox. Maybe not the most obvious of location and there would be some concerns about bringing people on board who were travelling by public transport, but the serviced office was adequate for what I wanted and there were loads of other tenants who you could meet and chat with during the day and even build up some business links with. Between the rent and telecommunications which were extra there probably wouldn't be much change out of £450 - £500 per month.

Want to make a guess about the other two? The first was a large area on the first floor above a garage which had been split into a number of self contained units. About 8-9 tenants here, similar service arrangements to that in Ibrox and the telecoms were extra. Approximate monthly bill. Let's round it to about £800.

The final one I saw today. Four townhouses linked together with offices and meeting rooms dotted here and there. Nice plush reception and again a similar level of service support with extras for printing, photocopying, faxing, telecoms and coffee. Oh and a nice wee price tag of around £1000 per month.

And all three were exclusive of VAT!!

Certainly makes you think how much developers are making out of businesses small and large in the city.

Where do I go from here? Well hope to see a few more places in the coming weeks, but its fairly certain that anywhere in my budget radar will be a few miles out of the city centre.

Of course if there are any philanthropic developers who wish to help a start up company then you know how to contact me.


Ewan said...

In San Francisco you could get a space, telecomms, creative bouncing of ideas and a full fridge at the Citizen Agency run by my mates Tara Hunt and Chris Messina, all for $350 a month. A bit of a commute but even with the flights it might work out cheaper. Bit a Klinnsman approach to running the company, perhaps ;-)

Ewan said...

It's cheaper to be in London than Glasgow: