Friday, December 29, 2006

Looking back on 2006

And what a change has taken place since January. There I was happily minding my own business with Learning and Teaching Scotland and now I'm high heid yin with Think Different Events.

After over 23 years we (LTS) moved from Victoria Crescent Road in Glasgow's west end to the Optima building in city centre. The character of the old building, a former teaching college, convent and no doubt other worthy causes was replaced by a fully furnished, modern 21st century office environment with, fortunately in my case, great views over the south west of the city and beyond.

And then in March, well things to a wee turn for the ...... better or worse will hopefully be inserted this time next year.

Anyway, six months later I left the comfort of the old firm and the two hundred odd staff (as in approximately 200 staff - only some of them were odd!!) to start a new life as a sole trader, entrepreneur, businessman, etc.

Three months on I'm still awaiting my first cheque for some of the work I've done although I've been promised that it's in the post! The home office is all setup, my typing skills have not improved, I've started not one but two blogs and I've got a fair amount of work for 2007. Not quite enough to buy the Porsche and the new office but hopefully enough so I won't be starving at the end of next year.

Highlights of the year

Gary Caldwell's strike against France and Ricardo's three penalty saves against England. Ah well just another few years until they remember that it will be forty four years since they last won the ......... Might as well add winning the Ryder Cup against America and Australian Cricket - but enough of the English bashing.

Muse at the SECC. Brilliant light show, great music. XFM Radio, without Dominik Diamond, which is as good as radio gets.

Tommy Sheridan winning his case against the News of the World. Do we really care what he gets up to in his private life? As for the SSP? Looks like RIP for them.

First work as an independent businessman with the Scottish Executive.

Low Points
Leaving all the good guys from LTS.
Tony Blair and George Bush - the blind being led by the blinded.

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