Thursday, October 12, 2006

What online service should I sign up for?

Hopefully someone out there is reading this.

Quick couple of questions if you are. I've got a broadband connection at home with ntl. Maybe not the best but I've got my phone and TV package too with them and if there are any suggestions of an alternative let me know.

When I was travelling around last week I couldn't get a dial up connection because I hadn't signed up with anyone. Stupid I know, but hey, I'm here to learn from you guys. What internet service provider would you recommend for those lonely nights in the hotel when pay per view TV is all that stands between you and a lonely night!!

And finally, with all this wifi installed across the land is there a common service provider or do you just pay the going rate at each venue?

Call me think, but trust me I'm a quick learner so any help will be gratefully received - and acknowledged of course.

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Ewan McIntosh said...

I tend to use the wifi or internet on offer and pay for it. More and more hotels offer free wifi in their lobbies, but paying in their rooms.

TBH, I've not dialled up in six years :-(