Saturday, October 14, 2006

A funny thing happened yesterday.....

Anybody who has been following this blog over the past couple of weeks, and if you've just arrived here where have you been, you've missed all the foundation stuff which puts the rest of these diatribes into context!!! ;-), will probably realise that I was with Learning and Teaching Scotland and its predecessor bodies for almost 24 years and only left on 29 September to set up Think Different Events.

Just before I left, my good friend and colleague Bronagh Bell who was Head of Marketing and Public Affairs also left the company to join the NHS National Waiting Time Centre Board.

So anyway, there I was working away yesterday morning when the phone rang.
"Hello, is that Mr. Martin Jack?", asked a very pleasant young lady. I'm assuming she is young, doesn't impact on the story though.

My first thoughts were 'Double Glazing', 'New mobile telephone', 'New kitchen'....
But surprise, surprise, in front of her was my CV, a fairly old one which I sent to some of the online agencies a couple of years ago just out of interest to see if anything came back.

"Martin", didn't take her long to get personal, "are you still on the search for a new challenge? I might just have the job to match your skills set".

She went on to describe this dynamic job which was requiring a dynamic individual to fill it. Hey boost my ego any day girl. Keep on going. However, as she continued to describe the job it struck me that it sounded fairly familiar.

"Excuse me", says I, "this job wouldn't be with Learning and Teaching Scotland would it?"

"Why yes. Do you know of them?" says she.

And what part of my CV haven't you read I thought.

"It's the Head of Communications post. Would you be interested?"

I had to see the funny side of this. Here was me two weeks out of the organisation and being asked if I would be interested in putting myself forward for a role Bronagh had filled. I can well imagine the reaction within Learning and Teaching Scotland if the recruitment agency put my name forward.

And so I took the Sam Sensible option, thanked her for considering me, but politely declined.

Ten seconds later I was on the phone to Bronagh to let her know what had just happened and share a laugh.

Mind you if things don't work out with Think Different Events I maybe just..... Nah only kidding.

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