Friday, October 27, 2006

27th of the month syndrome

Not sure what the 27th of the month means to you guys, but for the past 25 years or so its generally meant that my bank balance has suddenly bulged back into the black, even for just a short time until all the direct debits and standing orders come off at the start of the next. But that's not the case on 27 October 2006. Having left the bosom of the 'Company' behind me I also left the security of having the monthly payment that kept all sorts of creditors off my case.

When you go out on your own you have to rely on a few other minor details like getting some work completed to allow you to send off an invoice to your clients. And if there are no major milestones that you can tick off then it might be difficult to lever the cash from them.

The first month has been a bit like that. Never felt like I had a minute to spare yet at the end of it all I've got one morning seminar to show for it, though a lot of effort has gone into the preparations for the rest of this series. Hopefully this time next month I'll be sending in my first invoices and letting you know how long each takes to get paid!!

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Ewan McIntosh said...

Is this what they mean by "speculate to accumulate"? I was talking about this in an online seminar (to be posted Monday) in relation to the way teachers need to invest time in learning new skills (like reflecting on a blog) to get something out of it at the end of the day.

It'll come your way soon enough ;-)